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At-Home Pet Euthanasia in Calabasas, CA

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A Peaceful Memory Till the End

We understand it is never easy to say “goodbye” to your beloved pets. We are dedicated to providing you all the necessary information to guide you with your decision-making process.

Ever Animal Care is dedicated to providing complete at-home pet euthanasia and aftercare services in the most peaceful, comfortable, and respectful ways for your pets and the rest of your family in Calabasas, CA. Our highly experienced veterinarian always makes every effort to be courteous, respectful, and patient during this difficult time.

When you call us

Once you call us for at-home pet euthanasia in Calabasas, CA, an appointment will be made upon a discussion about your pets with our veterinarian. Our doctor will meet you at your home to discuss your concerns and the step-by-step process of humane euthanasia.

The sedative will be given to your pet gently by our veterinarian to help relax. Your pet will receive the final euthanasia injection when you and your family are feeling ready. Once our doctor has confirmed that your pet has passed away peacefully, your pet will be carefully and gently carried to be transported for cremation service. Your primary veterinarian will be notified in regards to your pet’s passing upon your request. You will receive your pet’s cremated remains returned to your home if you choose private cremation. Your pet’s cremated remains will be scattered off the coast of southern California if you choose communal cremation.

Call Us for a Free Consultation Today

Ever Animal Care provides compassionate and peaceful in-home pet euthanasia and aftercare services in Calabasas, CA also including many areas of Los Angeles County and also some areas of San Bernardino and Orange Counties. Please call us for a free consultation today. Our veterinarian will answer all your questions about at-home pet euthanasia and help you and your family through your pet’s peaceful end of life.